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(i) Vlra-Malla:—Vira Malla, horn in the Kamma sub-sect
of the Suclra caste, cut to pieces in a battle that was fought
near the fort of Gudikota, the army of the Kutubu Sahu, so
as to win the admiration of Kuntaladhipa i. e* king of
Vijayanagara, and obtained from him several titles.
(ii) Tippa I:—Tippa I, a descendant of Ylra Malla,
opposed the advancing army of the Gajapati, and having
forced them to retreat, plundered their camp.
(iii) Ayyapa I:—Tippa had two sons, Ayyapa and
VenkatadrL The former begot a son called Tippa whom
he crowned as the chief of his estate, and set out for Kandana-
volu to assist Gopalaraja in repelling an attack of tike
Mussalmans who were investing the fort. On his arrival at
the place, he proceeded immediately to attack the besiegers;
and put to the sword dunedars (heroes), gharlbs (foreigners),
Pathans, Abisies (Abyssinians), and the Dekkanies. He cut
the ropes of the tents of the enemy, and forced his way
into the fort, where he was received with great honour by
(iv) TSppa II:—Ayyapa's son Tippa II wort the
applause of the rulers of the earth by plundering the famotis
fort 5>dav5ni as a Suratani-lagya. He put to death in the
fight wzirs and duriedars; cut down the proud Tura$kas
(Turks) withoxit allowing them to escape; and put the j>a|ci>5rf
to flight. Having thus acquired victory, he ruled ihe e*#h
like Harischandra,
(v) Linga /:—His son, Linga I, succeeded him. Ling* I
had two sons, Konda and Ayyapa II.
(vi) Eovfa I:—Konda I raled the earth IB the .tawtiir
of the sixteen emperors of yore. He crowaed lisa SOB* *»